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Amarillo Haunted House, FRIGHTMARE
Are you afraid to go to sleep at night?  Ever gone to sleep thinking happy thoughts only to be lured into
never ending nightmare?  From the outside Frightmare may look like an ordinary, blah plain-jane building
but on the inside its much, much more.   Frightmare is Amarillo's BEST haunted attraction.

Dr Payne has searched endlessly across all planes of existence for creatures, supernatural antiquities
and things that go bump in the night.  Dr Payne takes pleasure in experimenting on those in the
Frightmare Labyrinth that is hidden deep the in recesses of Center City Amarillo.   His Labyrinth was
designed and constructed into a complicated irregular network of  passages where his bizzare. creatures
run amuck.  Can you survive this Labyrinth; Come scream with us this fall.  

All actors and staff of Frightmare are volunteers; no one gets paid.  Proceeds to Amarillo's best haunted
attraction go to support and fund the AAYC Community Center.  Van Buren Frightmare is inside the
AAYC Community Center at 816 S Van Buren, Amarillo, TX

Our History

Haunted Houses at the AAYC

    2007-2008         Center City Massacre
    2009-2010         Center City Mayhem
    2011-2012         AAYC Mayhem
    2013                  Mayhem Z
    2014-present     Van Buren FRIGHTMARE

Since 2007 we have been bringing you a great
haunted attraction experence.
Our  Staff

The Frightmare Staff is ran by community
volunteers, actors, and leaders that enjoy
bringing a scare but also care about our
community.  If you are interested in
becoming a volunteer at the
AAYC.Frightmare  please give us a call
373-2292 or email us at

Our staff does NOT get paid, we are
100% volunteer driven.
Our Cause

Frightmare is much more than your typical
haunted attraction.  Our professional haunted
house is a fundraiser for the AAYC Community
Center.  The AAYC leadership team works with
youth to teach them how to use basic tools, paint,
props and build a haunted house.  Your
patronage goes to help Amarillo youth and
families,  we run 100% on a volunteer staff.